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Top 5 Reasons Why Buyers Should Always Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent

Posted by MadeinNYC on September 7, 2017
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Buying a home is an invasive, meticulous, and tedious process! It doesn’t matter how many times you have bought a home, it feels this way and you should always hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent! Why? The average homeowner will buy a house every 8 to 12 years. An Experienced Real Estate Agents goes through the process with his/her clients every day! It doesn’t matter what type of service any real estate brokerage firm offers, hire someone to carry out the level of service you need based on your experience and the level of support you want to successfully close your transaction.

5 Reasons Why You Should Always Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent:

#1 It’s Free! The standard process throughout the United States via real estate transactions are contractually negotiated in such a manner that requires the seller to pay both Real Estate Agents (Buyer’s and Seller’s Agent) out of his/her proceeds. Are there some exceptions to this process? Of course! Everything is based on how it’s negotiated in the contract. However, for an extreme majority, the seller paying both real estate brokerages is the norm in our country! So, if you are a buyer, your Real Estate Agent is going to be paid by the seller of the property (house/condo) you are purchasing. You provide the cash or financing to purchase the property (house/condo) based on an agreed price, the seller using the cash or financing conveys the property over to you, and then pays all the agreed fees (including the real estate agent’s) per the contract. So, in spite of popular belief, it technically doesn’t cost you anything to hire a Real Estate Agent. With that being said, why wouldn’t you take advantage of a free service that is designed to protect your best interest by providing you professional support to help successfully navigate you through the home buying process? Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent, it’s free!

#2 An Experienced Agent Can Help You Avoid the Pitfalls of Buying a Home! Unlike ever before, buyers are empowered with data via the internet to better help with the task of finding the perfect home! Buyers now have access to excess information that allows them to search for properties in the comfort of their own homes. Just about anything you want to know about anything is on the internet. The only problem is, trying to determine “Who and What” to believe when Google gives you almost a million results after you ask your question in their search box. An Experienced Agent can consult you in the pursuit of  understanding your specific goals and objectives. The internet is a great resource! However, when it comes to buying a property (home/condo) that’s all the internet can be: A resource! You see, you can’t type in your personal scenario into Google and it pops out some magic algorithm that will tell you exactly what to do step-by-step via your specific “financial, personal, and potentially problematic” situation. For buyers, that’s the variable and void that technology “today” has not filled. When you hire your Powerhouse Agent, although technologically more advanced than the status quo, they will set an appointment to personally understand your goals and objectives. In addition to that, they will consult you to understand what you need, what you want, what you know, and what you don’t know about the home buying process. Although the internet is full of data and information about properties, what it doesn’t divulge to potential buyers that are hungry for information is the legal jargon and ramifications that’s inside a contractual document that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars and/or have you in court getting sued. Finding a home is one event, all of the contractual steps to acquire it is another! When you hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent, that’s free to you, they are legally obligated and have fiduciary duty to protect your best interest to the best of their ability. Now keep in mind, just like any other profession, all Real Estate Agents are not created equally! So, don’t go hiring your brother or cousin that’s a Part-Time Real Estate Agent or some Sub-Par Agent that closes maybe a deal a year. This is the wrong time and not the transaction to become some rookie’s guinea pig or experiment rat. There are many hands in the process of you buying a home. Your Powerhouse Agent understands the process, the hands involved, and the steps needed to successfully help you accomplish goals. Yes, there are many pitfalls that could present themselves along the way. However, your experienced Powerhouse Agent has the knowledge and support to prepare you for anything that might present itself during the process of closing your transaction.

#3 To Manage Your Emotions! Buying a home, next to having a child, might be one of the most memorable events of your life. You will never forget the process and the day you close on your new home. Why? Because you’ve worked for it, you’ve saved for it, you’ve kept your credit good for it, and you’ve earned it!! With that being said, given those reasons, when you mentally decided to buy a house you consciously and emotionally committed yourself to this potentially rigorous task. Now, emotionally prepared? We shall see. However, I respectfully confess that buying a house is not a cake walk. Even if you are paying cash! Every transaction is different due to all the variables including “you” being prepared emotionally and financially for this invasive process. One of the biggest tasks any Real Estate Agent has is managing our client’s emotions and expectations.

Your Powerhouse Agent has been trained and understands the anxiety that comes with buying a home. When they schedule your initial buyer consultation, they are going to strategically ask questions and take notes to include in your personal file. Your Powerhouse Agent is going to methodically ask questions to get you to open up about your needs and wants in a home. They want to understand your why so they can efficiently and successfully assign a customized service that’s tailored to your specific needs. At the end of the day, our (Powerhouse’s) task is to productively manage your emotions, expectations, and your transaction. We want to prevent disappointment by establishing in advance what can realistically be achieved or delivered given your unique financial scenario, desires in a home, and taking into consideration the market conditions surrounding your preferred area( s).

#4 To Read In-between the Contractual Lines! Finding the perfect house is just one aspect of the home buying process. But, the selection process takes time! Statistically speaking, most buyers look online for houses months before engaging or hiring a Real Estate Agent. The internet allows you (Buyers) to research and search houses and neighborhoods as you narrow your home search down to exactly where you want to live. Then, once you hire your Powerhouse Agent, he/she will consult you and take you on tours of the homes that you selected. This is where the magic begins! The process of elimination. Fast forward, you found the perfect home! You are excited  and know without a doubt that this is “the house” that you want to buy. So, now it’s time to write a contract to do exactly what you need it to do per your specific needs. You can ask Google, hire and pay a lawyer, or you can hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent for free. The choice is yours! Hint: Most people choose to hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent and let the attorney do all the paperwork. When putting together a real estate contract, there are some standard “rule of thumb” parameters that are normally noted in a contract to protect your best interest. However, your specific situation should be all that matters. Your Powerhouse Agent will go over the contract, explain your options, make recommendations, and assemble a contract with the guidance from your attorney that makes you feel confident in your offer because you understand the terms of the agreement if accepted by the seller. If the seller doesn’t agree with your offer and submits a counter offer, your Powerhouse Agent will call you to explain the details of the counter, give you your options, make a professional recommendation, and ask how you would like to proceed. With all that being said, once we have an executed contract, now the objective is to carry out what you are contractually obligated to do, how to do it, and when it needs to be done by. Your Powerhouse Agent now has the task of keeping everybody and everything on schedule per the contract. The last thing we want to do is default on your legally binding agreement. Lastly, if the opposing side (Seller) and their Agent does  anything outside the scope of the agreed contract, your Powerhouse Agent will be sure to communicate it with you and handle it accordingly.

#5 To Refer All Your Awesome Family and Friends to Powerhouse. Powerhouse Realty Group is a marketplace where home buyers shop and save! We are confident that you are going to enjoy your Powerhouse experience. By partnering with us to help find your own house, we are excited to make the purchase of your new home more affordable by giving you a portion of our commission to lower your closing cost. However,  Powerhouse needs your help! All we ask is that you share your awesome experience and savings with your family and friends as we seek to become the next national real estate franchise throughout the United States. So yes, #5 is a great reason why you should hire a Real Estate Agent. More specifically, a Powerhouse Agent! Our goal is not to sell you, tell you what to do, or steer you. Our objective is to complement, consult, and facilitate your real estate transaction to a successful close, all while making it a more rewarding (Buyer Rebate) and inclusive experience than working with the status quo (traditionalists).

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